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Size and dimension of the Inflator Compared with a 1 (ONE)ltr bottle

Steel Force Pro Power Inflator is Compact first of its kind smart quick compressor that fills the compressed air in 5 mins. It is equipped with a high-speed compressor to serve you whenever and wherever it required. You can feel the life and heat inside as it is live. It helps you to take you to your destination without any delay due to a flat tyre.

Why You Need It?

Product Highlights

  • Compact design. Comes with a pouch to keep it in the Backpacks or bottle holding space. (Car Water bottle space)

  • DC 12V, 10A heavy-duty, high power solid Steel tubular air compressor. (Full product image @ angle)

  • Powerful & High-speed compression for Quick inflation in about 3-4 minutes. (Meter area)

  • High quality braided heat-proof air hose with threaded valve connector. (Yellow round tube with connector)

  • Equipped with UniLampLED illumination for use during night/low light conditions. (Lamp image)

  • Lengthy power cord bundled on hooks to reach all tyres comfortably. (Wire with holders)

Features of Our Design

Compact & Lite weight

300 mm length and 50mm dia tubular design for the quickest filling tyre compressor. The whole compressor weighs equivalent to 5 Mobile Phones. Ie., 750 Grams.

Neat & clean

No overhanging wires or tubes as we have provided a proper place to keep them.

Pressure Gauge

Real-time Quick Analog readout

Safety & Security

We designed it with a completely safe and secure design with no hanging components. The adapters supplied to be kept away from kids as they are hazardous to chock. Use glows as the high-pressure compact compressor may heat up during prolonged usage. However, this is a normal phenomenon for a high-speed compressor.

Application & Maintenance

The compressor is designed for inflating tubeless tyres, inflatable toys and accessories. Our engineers optimized the design for No Maintenance & Oil-less performance. It is also protected from shock & impacts during usage. Fuse provided to take extra care for your inflator.

Practical and easy-to-use

Quick access as it can place inside the car cabin (Glove compartment or place for bottle holder). Quick filling in less than 4 mins. Screw type valve connector easy to connect. Total time of stoppage due to a flat tyre can be reduced to 5Minutes.

Detailed Specification

Air Compressor

Body Material: Stainless Steel

Power input: 12 V DC Car / Bike Battery

Package box size: 300 x 90 x 90 (mm)

Weight with pouch: 000 Grams

Operational Length:

Wire Length:

Tube Length:

Folded Length:

Pressure range:

Gauge: Quick response real-time analog display

Free accessories

Valve reducer: For Cycle tyres

Hose Knob: For Toys & beds

Pin Knob: For Balls

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